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          Industry information

          Mainland into the world‘s largest dumping of electronic waste

          Time:2018-01-06 Views:730
          UNU recently released the world‘s first "regional e-waste inspection" research report, referring to 12 Asian countries and regions constitute the largest consumer electronics group, accounting for nearly half of the market, including mainland China, including East Asia and Southeast Asia, the number of electronic waste from 2010 Growing by 63% between 2015 and 2015, and the total volume of e-waste and per-capita production are growing rapidly, exceeding the population growth rate and putting pressure on the environment.
          The report pointed out that technological innovation to speed up the frequency of new product launches, especially the replacement of portable electronic products faster and faster, leading to the continued increase in e-waste in Asia. UN researchers point to the alarming rise in the number of e-waste countries in countries that are not environmentally responsible for managing their e-waste management infrastructure.
          Mainland into the world‘s largest dumping of electronic waste
          The researchers warn that the widespread dumping of inappropriate and illegal electronic garbage in most Asian countries has not legislated on electronic junk. It is worth noting that the amount of e-waste produced in mainland China topped that of 6.68 million tons in 2015.
          The report argues that the lack of treatment of the concept of electronic waste, disposal sites and recycling mechanisms, the status quo, resulting in consumers, dismantlers and recyclers as the main body of illegal dumping, once legislation or improper management, it will lead to the proliferation of e-waste.
          According to data from mainland China, the mainland is the largest dumping site in the world. 30% to 40% of the global e-waste is shipped to Asia, of which 70% to 80% are sent to the Mainland, causing serious pollution to the local environment.
          To this end, the mainland authorities have improved the e-waste regulations, weak recovery techniques and lack of a sound recycling system since 2016, including clarifying the responsibilities of management units, implementing the responsibility of recycling electronic and electronic manufacturers, reusing resources and treating electronic waste Enterprises, the introduction of relevant policies and regulations to improve e-waste recycling rate and harmless treatment.
          Reported that e-waste generally refers to the abandoned unused electrical and electronic equipment, electronic waste contains a large number of harmful chemical elements, such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury and heavy metals, if not properly collected, the pollutants exposed to environmental pollution and Residents‘ health poses a threat. The digital age is aggravating the proliferation of e-waste. All countries in the world pay more attention to e-waste disposal, and regard e-waste recycling and dismantling technologies as emerging industries.
          Mainland Express garbage waste and pollution can not be ignored
          According to the data released by the State Post Bureau, the volume of express delivery in 2016 was 31.35 billion pieces, up 20% or 20% over 2015 and has increased by more than 50% every year for six consecutive years. Behind the bright statistics, How to reduce the pollution of packaging garbage and effectively recycle it has become an urgent environmental issue.
          Express packaging consumables consumption is even more staggering, according to an average of 0.2 kg of parcel crates calculated in 2017 to increase at least 627,000 tons of crates, can be stacked 310,000 football fields, just in 2015 alone packaging tape length, on 425 laps around the earth. However, the mainland for express packaging, in addition to express waybill, the lack of rules and requirements, all by the business or consumers to handle.
          The overall increase in express delivery is the main cause of the surge in packaging rubbish. For the electricity supplier, it is a consensus to reduce the amount of packaging materials used. However, in order to avoid disputes and returns caused by the damage caused by the transportation of goods, even the "third and third floors" Increasing the protection will push up the cost, most still holding the "rather not less" mentality, resulting in a lot of packaging materials even more than the weight of the product itself.
          Reduce the junk delivery, it is clear that e-commerce‘s sense of social responsibility is the key. However, environmental packaging costs are too high, express packaging production, the use of a lack of standards, which indirectly affect the proliferation of express packaging rubbish. Plastic bags point of view, an indecomposable 0.08 yuan, but the price is 4 to 5 times its decomposition, so that companies often can not afford to buy less.
          Consumer awareness of environmental protection is not a problem, some e-commerce and courier companies initiated packaging recycling points, points to give ideas, to increase consumer willingness to recycle, there are local governments to promote APP, to provide online booking for recycling, someone on call. However, in addition to cartons, tapes, crates, bags and other packaging materials recycling and reuse is not ideal.
          In order to solve the express packaging garbage problem, a number of couriers have stood up to respond, in addition to strengthening the recycling packaging and waste classification propaganda; reusable canvas bags or plastic transit box instead of the traditional woven bags; for cartons, stalls, shipping orders, stickers with Decompose materials to reduce waste generation.
          The industry believes that if we want to solve the problem of packaging garbage, we must first solve the problem of cost increase. We need different subjects to share the cost of environmental protection, including national policy support, subsidies for enterprises and logistics, and consumers for part of the costs.
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